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The largest cablestayed bridges are the sutong bridge china, 2008 with 1,088m, the stonecutters bridge hong kong, 2009 with 1,018 and the tatara bridge japan, 1999 has a main span of 890m. Sutong bridge crosses yangtze river in the lower reaches, one of the busiest national waterways. You qingzhong, director, jiangsu provincial transport department, china introduction sutong bridge is located in the southeast of jiangsu province, china, which is in the lower reaches of the yangtze river. The optimized design can be applied to the sutong bridge as a retrofit, as well as other bridges. Nantong nantong is a prefecturelevel city in jiangsu province, peoples republic of hina. Statistical analysis of modal properties of a cablestayed bridge through longterm wireless structural health monitoring, bridge dawg forum on bridge performance data analysis, the 95th annual meeting of the transportation research board, washington, dc, january 2016. Research on general design and key technique of sutong bridge. The sutong yangtze river bridge is a cablestayed bridge that spans the yangtze river in. The 2006 proposal for the messina bridge considered a singlespan suspension bridge with a. The longspan length is required by high navigational standard accommodating for 50,000 dwt with the net clearance of 891m in width and 62m in height. Segmental construction of bridge seminar civildigital. Stonecutters bridge, sutong bridge, tensioning strategy, stage analysis, wind induced vibra. At the same time, the arch pylon consists of 4 spatial curved surface and form a spatial angle with the cable, which make the cable force an outofplane load to the steel pylon wall.

Creating a pdf presentation using adobe photoshop cs5. Construction began in june 2003, and the bridge was linked up in june 2007. Professional software overview erection control can be used for design and later for checking or correcting the fabrication shapes in the erection sequence with camber calculation functions implemented in rm2006 the user gets very easily all the information for the check on site in a compact excel sheet advanced bridge design. The required passage may be for a road, a railway, pedestrians, a canal or a pipeline. Pdf global analysis of the sutong cablestayed bridge. It is a cities of n river and main fram province vehicles p bridge is meteorolo been insta orthotrop a lightwei high long employed scb.

Seth dawson asked, leaning on the stone wall next to him. Prefabricated segments provides more quality control. Fhwa orthotropic deck design manual 2012 and evaluated two design conditions. Adobe bridge, provided with adobe creative suite 6 and cs5 components, lets you organize the assets you use to create content for print, web, and video. A bridge pylon is a tower supporting the cables, suspenders and the bridge deck of a suspension bridge respectively the cables and the deck of a cablestayed bridge. He was leaning on the stone wall of the bridge, smoking a cigarette and watching the cars speed by on the highway beneath him. Project report on bridge construction pdf building radio frequency identification solutions for the global environment. The sutong cablestayed bridge is the primary fairway bridge of the suzhou nantong yangtze river bridge project. Design and construction of the sutong bridge foundations. The bridge comprises a primary fairway bridge the sutong bridge, a special fairway bridge, and both approach spans. The stagebystage construction of the sutong bridge is simulated with ansys software package.

The only way to travel between the two cities was by ferry, on one of the busiest inland waterways in the world, a journey that is timeconsuming and treacherous. The main bridge is a cablestayed bridge with a world recordbreaking 1088 m main span. From an ecological, social and cultural perspective lightweight structures have never been more contemporary and necessary than today. Lightweight structures are materialefficient because the materials. Construction of the precast segmental approach structures. The sutong cablestayed bridge is the primary fairway bridge of the suzhounantong yangtze river bridge project. Southeast university, nanjing, china obc0833 importance of interface layer on behavior and durability of orthotropic steel decks. This comprehensive solution simplifies design and erection control of the bridge, efficiently using the same procedure for all kinds of bridges from small concrete bridges to big stay cable bridges like sutong bridge in china, and extralarge suspension bridges like messina bridge in italy. The visionary project was motivated by the need for a highway. Agrawal technical papers 4 compound shearflexural capacity of. The economic efficiency of the conceptual design results of the hybrid cablestayed bridge with central span of m and of sutong bridge, the longest cablestayed bridge in the world, was analyzed. Sutong bridge sutong bridge is the world largest cable span cablestayed bridge. The new output workspace in adobe bridge allows you to create pdf contact sheets of one of more images. Experience from the global analysis of stonecutters bridge and.

The sutong bridge across the lower yangtze river in china will have, when completed, the longest span 1,088 m and the highest towers 306. Two towers of the bridge are 306 metres 1,004 ft high and thus the fifth tallest in the world. The site conditions were characterized by snow, storm, typhoon, strong tide, variable riverbed and rapid flow rate. Rigid towers for multispan suspension bridges to provide enough stiffness to the bridge flexible towers are commonly used in long. Rm bridge advanced additional modules bridge structural modeling, analysis, design, and construction engineering rm bridge advanced connect edition is comprehensive 2d3d4d software used by bridge engineers for bridges of all types, materials, and construction methods. May 16, 2011 nantong a city embracing river and sea total land area of 8001 km2 population of 7.

Obc0832 design of a deck surfacing for the longest cablestayed bridge in the world. Design criteria for bridges and other structures, transport and main roads, march 2020 i. Commons is a freely licensed media file repository. China plans to build worlds longest cablestayed bridge. The sutong bridge will be the worlds longest stayedcable bridge, something that neither chinese nor foreigners have yet built, said qu yongguo, chief of the foreign economic cooperation. This study investigates multimode damping effects of a long cable attached with a viscous. A concrete bridge with a main span of 268 m provides a secondary navigation span. Conceptual design of hybrid cablestayed bridge with.

Sutong changjiang daqiao is a cablestayed bridge that spans the yangtze river in china between nantong and changshu, a satellite city of suzhou, in jiangsu province. The bridges across the yangtze river, chinas longest and largest river, form a vital part of the countrys transportation infrastructure. Ranked as the longest cablestayed bridge in the world by engineering newsrecord, the sutong bridge has a main span of 1,190 yards 1,088 meters. The sutong bridge fulfils a 1,000year old dream for the people of suzhou and nantong on the two banks of the yangtze river. A fully integrated modeling, analysis, and design process and. This study conducted the conceptual design of a hybrid cablestayed bridge with central span of m and exploiting 200 mpaclass uhpc. Pdf structural analysis of the sutong bridge semantic scholar. The stagebystage construction of the sutong bridge is simulated with ansys. This list ranks the worlds cablestayed bridges by the length of main span, i. Information from its description page there is shown below. Adobe bridge keeps native adobe files such as psd and pdf as well as nonadobe files available for easy access. Until the completion of the wuhan yangtze river bridge in 1957. Media in category sutong bridge the following 16 files are in this category, out of 16 total.

Great belt bridge denmark, 1998 main span is 1,624m long. You can upload raw and jpeg images, audio, and video files as portfolio project. After completion, sutong bridge created four new world records for cablestayed bridges includes the longest of 1088m span, the highest main bridge tower with 306m height, the deepest of two foundation piers of the main bridge and the longest stay of the main bridge at 580m. The sutong bridge is located at the chengong watercourse of changjiang river, an sshaped river with a varying width between 6km and 14km wide, and a maximum depth of approximately 50m. On the bridge by todd strasser i beat the crap out of this guy at the mall yesterday, adam lockwood said. Pdf the sutong cablestayed bridge is the primary fairway bridge of the. Health monitoring of large civil structures youlin xu department of civil and structural engineering the hong kong polytechnic university the second future infrastructure forum fif2, 1718 january 2012, cambridge, uk. Akashi kaikyo bridge, japan the worlds longest suspension bridge with the center span of 1,991 meters 6,532 feet sutong bridge. The sutong bridge a structural analysis summary the sutong cablestayed bridge is the primary fairway bridge of the suzhounantong yangtze river bridge project in china. The sutong bridge crosses the yangtze river, joining the cities of nantong and suzhou.

Effects of seismic devices on transverse responses of piers in the. Technical feature and difficulty of sutong bridge in terms of design and construction are defined by. The obstacle to be crossed may be a river, a road, railway or a valley. The bridge crosses the yangtze river and connects the cities of suzhou and nantong in china. Fhwa orthotropic bridge manual durability of bridge decks is of vital importance to the railroad industries.

What links here related changes upload file special pages permanent link page. In the output workspace, you begin by choosing a template for your pdf contact sheet in the output settings panel on the right. Numerical analysis of longspan cablestayed bridge in the. A segmental bridge is a bridge built in short sections called segments, that is one piece at a time. Auxiliary navigation channel bridge sutong bridge, 268 m main span. The bridge will span the 6kmwide river near xuliujing. The sutong bridge project is located at the downstream of the yangtze river close to the estuary with strong tidal effects at about 110 km from the river mouth. The maximum design force of the 7 splayed cables is 876t, greater than the maximum design cable force on sutong bridge. Seventeen different bridge projects introduced here include the sutong yangtze river bridge, the longest cable stayed bridge in the. Integrated solution system for bridge and civil structures. Bridge is an adobe utility designed to streamline the process of combining multiple images into a variety of useful forms including a pdf document for printing, a pdf contact sheet, a web image gallery, a pdf slideshow, etc.

New in this release of adobe bridge cc using the publish panel, you can now create an adobe portfolio project from within adobe bridge and show your creative work to the world. This site is like a library, you could find million book here by using search box in the header. A typical vsd comprises a casing box containing viscous medium and shearing plates with p. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so dont worry about it. The sutong bridge across the lower yangtze river in china will have, when completed, the longest span 1,088 m and the highest towers 306 m of any cable stayed span in the world. The river bisects china from west to east, and every major northsouth bound highway and railway must cross the yangtze. Create pdf contact sheet in the output workspace adobe.

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