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Aug, 2010 the sky watcher az synscan goto series of telescopes part 2 of 2 part 1 details the specifics of this telescope range. Orion is committed to supporting you with yourorion synscan v5 computerized goto hand controller for eq dont miss the lyrid and eta aquariid meteor showers. It is for entry level customers with an skywtcher altaz mount. How to upgrade firmware on skywatcher synscan handcontroller goto. Application development skywatcher skywatcher global website. Update and correct the solar tracking speed in the solar track mode. This information applies to the synscan v3, synscan v4 series goto mounts. Synscan pc direct mode for skywatcher mount telescopes. Everyone here in the community forums with an apple ios device who is also a skywatcher synscan user is invited to participate in the betatesting cycle. Synscan endeavors to send traffic as fast as the host network interface can support. Install the new mount bracket at the same location as the removed side bearing. Mar 20, 2014 enfim, terminamos o driver az goto do armazem do telescopio.

About press copyright creators advertise developers. Ive just purchased, a new, skywatcher skymax 127 synscan az goto. I use my synscan az mount for both visual viewing and for azimuth astrophotography. This firmware allows the synscan v4v5 hand controller to work as a transceiver between a computers serial port and a skywatcher goto telescope mounts hand control port. This version of the synscan app is suited for novice users using altazimuth mounts. This is supplied by software bisque and is available from the downloads section of the software bisque site, the file is called ascom 2x mount adaptor setup. The orion az eq computerized goto hand controller is compatible with the orion atlas eqg, sirius eqg, skyview pro goto, and starblast. The synscan hand controller is now available as an app on your smart device.

I got a skywatcher synscan az goto scope and mount for my birthday. Use this app to control the az gti mount or other skywatcher or orion telescope mounts fitted with a synscan wifi adapter. Its also a great upgrade for those who originally purchased the atlas eqg, sirius eqg, or skyview pro goto telescope mounts with a dualaxis hand controller or with a nonupgradable goto hand controller. The sky watcher az synscan goto series of telescopes a buyer. Communication to the hand control is 9600 bitssec, no parity and one stop bit via the rs232 port on the base of the hand control.

A replacement handset cable for most skywatcher goto mounts. Skywatcher skymax127 synscan az goto 127mm 5 f1500. Eq6 alt az first shipments almost 1 year after being announced. Skywatcher synscanazgti alignment instructions mounts. How to use stellarium program to control a synscan mount via. Demonstrating the sky watcher az synscan goto system. Yes, it is an astronomy myth left over from the days of film cameras that you can not use an azimuth mount for astrophotography. How to update firmware on synscan hand controller telescope.

My overall assessment of the skywatcher synscan alt az goto mount and tripod is very favorable. Alt az mount features encoders, locking power plug country dependent and belt drive. Its goto accuracy is outstanding however it does have some design characteristics and omissions that detract from the systems performance. Pin compatible with the az synscan, eq3 pro, eq5 pro, heq5 pro, az eq5gt, eq6 pro, neq6 rro, az eq6gt and eq8 mounts. The synscan wifi adaptor module is compatible with all skywatchers goto telescopes and mounts allowing full alignment and control via an android smartphone or tablet. The two horizontal mounting holes should fit into the holes on the tube. Communication to the hand control is 9600 bitssec, no parity and one stop bit via the rs232 port on the base of the hand. This driver works with either alt az mounts like a dobsonian or equatorial mounts. Jan 22, 2015 eqmod not on servobased synscan az posted in mounts. Oct 27, 2017 download synscan pro for pc windows and mac apk 1. Skywatcher skymax 127 synscan az goto a lot of kit for the money but, even with the goto feature, it takes a bit of setting up. Yes i know in theory it shud work, but not sure how will the goto hand controller be able to accept eq operational mode. Eqmod controlling the heq5, neq6 and other mounts directly.

To me the skywatcher range of instruments are very good indeed, and suited to amateurs of all kinds and they are not priced out of the market. It is for updating the motor controllers firmware, or controlling the telescope mount with the application synscan pro for windows. Skywatcher synscan wifi adapter harrison telescopes ltd. Ive installed the ascom platform and the skywatcher ascom driver. The userfriendly menu system allows automatic slewing to. Page 1 of 5 skywatcher synscan az gti alignment instructions posted in mounts. What is the experience using the skywatcher skyhawk 1145p synscan az goto telescope and can it be recommended for a new astronomer. Can the sw allview mount head only be mounted onto a video tripod acting as a wedge and made to align the az axis to ncpscp axis. A high quality cable to extend the reach of your synscan goto handset by 5 meters. Not had too many clear skies since making this purchase just a few weeks ago, but looking good for the future. Afaik, these mounts are dobsonian synscan, allview, az goto. It also supports ascom platform for goto, pulseguiding, etc. Skywatcher the worlds largest telescope manufacturer. Synscan software is upgraded to accomodate features in altaz version version 3.

For mounting a dob traditional, dob collapsible, or newtonian reflector telescope tube ota on a synscan dob goto upgrade kit. Control your skywatcher goto telescope or mount with a smartphone or tablet wirelessly with the synscan wifi adapter module, simply plugs in to the handset port and uses the free synscan app. Page 19 the synscan az telescopes are designed to receive control commands sent from a computer via the rs232 port and rs232 cable. The cable is shielded and guarantees interference free performance required over long cable runs. The following information is not official nor authoritarian, it is simply my conclusions from thoughtful testing and careful observation. Connect your laptopdesktoprpi to mount wifi synscan. The exciting new skywatcher synscan altazimuth goto mount is a precision engineered instrument that will allow you to easily find and enjoy viewing night sky treasures, such as planets, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies and much more. First light optics suppliers of astronomy telescopes, binoculars and accessories from skywatcher, celestron, meade, william optics, atik, imaging source, starlight. The exciting skywatcher synscan az computerised goto telescopes will allow you to easily find and track night sky treasures, such as planets, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies and much more. V4 handset starts to ship to replace the older v3 handset. Eqmod not on servobased synscan az mounts cloudy nights. This group of developers made both their software and the hardware design an. Skywatcher synscan az handset cable rother valley optics ltd. Native support for synscan wifi in skysafari 6 will mean only one ios device is required to connect to and control your mount.

A brief description of motor controller command set used on skywatchers goto mount. Synscan recommends to keep the app open all times, so turn off display going to sleep on this device. Use two short flat head screws to fix the bracket onto the tube. The synscan hand controller is a popular model found on many equatorial telescope mounts. I see people making mistakes trying to using eqmod method to control the synscan az mount, while bypassing the handbox. Realbasic 2009r1 source code is available to the programmer. There are now a few mounts originated from synta have a name so similar with the original synscan microstepping based goto system so people are confused. Please note the cable in the image is for illustration purposes only and the actual cable may differ slightly. Skywatcher goto mount az synscan goto for telescopes up to 5kg.

Package contains the library, demo app project, and developer manual. Synscan is also the name of the hand controller used in other skywatcher goto mounts eg eq6, heq5pro etc, and it seems that any mount that uses a synscan controller version 3. Deep sky objects captured using the skywatcher kit and canon 1200d over 10 months. This tool will send tcp packets with the syn flag to any block of destination addresses at very high speed. Product support orion synscan v5 computerized goto hand. This document describes the serial commands of skywatcher synscan hand control.

Is the sw synscan controller both az and eq getting. I have purchased a new r232usb adaptor, but the computer will still not connect to the handset. This allows ascombased astronomy software to use thesky including tpoint and. The synscan az hand control allows you point your telescope automatically at a specific object, or even tour the night sky at the touch of a button. All described behaviors are based upon insight and conclusion, not upon actual knowledge of the synscan code. Skywatcher az goto instruction manual pdf download. From the dob synscan goto upgrade kit, locate the new mount bracket shown in figure 2. In 2005, skywatcher introduced a goto version of the eq6 and also made. Imaging with the skywatcher star discovery 150p altaz. This communication protocol applies to synscan hand control with synscan v3 firmware version 3. Aug, 2010 the sky watcher az synscan goto series of telescopes part 1 of 2 part 1 details the specifics of this telescope range. This is the link for the pmc eight mount controller to download the pmceight software development kit.

Skywatcher skyhawk 1145p synscan az goto telescope. Its important to update your firmware to fix software bugs. Jul 24, 2019 the synscan hand controller is now available as an app on your smart device. Enfim, terminamos o driver az goto do armazem do telescopio. The synscan az will communicate with the personal computer at 9600 bitssec, no parity and stop bit. The skywatcher synscan az goto mount can be ordered with a variety of different otas of proven high quality, giving you all you need to explore the universe to your hearts content. Hi, ive used a skywatcher synscan az goto mount for 7 years or so.

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