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Glock magspeed loader 9mm, 40, 357, 380, 45gap brownells. Works will the oem plastic zytel magazines as well as most steel magazines. Ruger lcplcp ii, sr 1911, sr9sr9c9e, p85p89, p9097 ruger american, handguns double or single stack mags, speedloader, magazine loader tool. It also can be used as both a single and double speed loader. Turn post clockwise to lock on the rim of the casing. This might be the coolest magazine speed loader yet. The hks 451 adjustable singlestack magazine speedloader is adjustable and designed to quickly load up to 15 rounds into singlestack magazines. Eliminate thumb irritation and prolong the life of your magazine with maglulas uplula pistol magazine loader.

Uplula hks mag loader 9mm to 45acp maglula uplula pistole. They are both light and durable and utilize internal orings which reduces the need for lubrication. Weve make mag loaders for smith wesson victorys, beretta neos, browning buckmarks, colt woodsmans, rugers, and glock 9mms. Materials the maglula universal pistol magazine loader is an imported design made of plastic, and its touted as a universal speed loader. How revolver speed loaders work a guide for shooters. Load and unload your firearm at a more efficient pace using a maglula speedloader. This uplula universal magazine loader can work with both single and. Durable reinforced polymer construction offers longlasting performance. The speed loader is then lifted slightly so the new round can be. Make offer tactical magazine ammo speed loader for 9mm. Protects your thumb and eases reloading prolongs the life of your magazine durable reinforced polymer construction eliminate thumb irritation and prolong the life of your magazine with maglulas uplula pistol magazine loader. Our speed loaders are finetuned across more than two dozen critical dimensions for a specific magazine, resulting in perfect fit, speed, comfort, and durability. Rangetray magazine speed loader w unloader tab for keltec p16 9mm blue.

Another round is then loaded, from the front, and pressed backward against the boss. This is a speedloader for a sccy px1 or px2 9mm pistol. The average person with a little practice can be reloading their revolver in quickly and easily. This loader is cnc machined to fit the following models. Steel speed loader for m11 mac10 9mm single feed magazines. It will work on my wilson combat pistol and my wilson pcc. This works with a number of different calibers, including. Uplula magazine speedloader universal pistol top gun. Is a tight fit for the lcr, and possibly other customer listed 5shot 38357 revolvers. If your glock loader works even half as well, ill be ordering one for my glock 9mm wilson combat. Prolongs magazine life, by eliminating wear on the feed lips during loadingunloading. When youre not reloading your revolver with one of our speed loaders, reload your other firearms with one of our magazine loaders. For over 75 years, shooting sports enthusiasts have turned to. Purchase in confidence knowing you have 30 days to try out our products.

Mag loader magazine loaders speedloader speed beez. Hksspeedloader, sixsecond 29m magazine waffenzubehor. A simple push down on the speedloader secures the rounds from the speedblock into the speedloader, now transfer the rounds to the cylinder and to release, push again, your empty chambers are full. The uplula magazine speed loader works with almost all kinds of pistol magazines. Unfollow 9mm magazine loader to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Any input much appreciated for this noob to m11s thx. A small boss depresses the top round in the magazine and in turn compresses the magazine spring. This small, lightweight, reinforcedpolymer device is durable, and simple to use in either mode loading or unloading. Fastest way to load pistol magazine ets speed loader youtube.

These speed loaders are custom designed to fit the following models. American speedloaders designs our products to be easy to use and work well every time. Speedloaders come in a variety of forms for reloading revolvers, or the magazines used with other types of firearms generally, speedloaders are used for loading multiple chambers of a revolver simultaneously. Maglula uplula up60b 9mm 45 acp universal speed loader. The first one is promag ldr01, similar to rugers factory loader, but with a additional thumb. Such speedloaders are used for revolvers having either swingout cylinders or topbreak. The compact design allows it to easily stow in the range bag. I am in the process of buying my 1st nfa gun, an swd m119mm.

Sccy cpx1 cpx2 speedloader, 9mm magazine speed loader by. First on the agenda is the glock magazine speed loader. I have been checking out the uzi loaders, like the one in the link below cammenga loader but i am looking for advicecompatibilty on an m11 magazine loader. The speed loader is placed on top of the magazine, and pressed downwards see figures. Acme bullet company offers 5 star firearms speed loaders and range blocks.

Soldered 2 pieces together to get the proper length to hold enough to fill the guns magazine. Does anyone make a speed loader for the 1911 magazines. Hks 451 adjustable singlestack magazine speedloader academy. Used it at a rimfire challenge match yesterday, how could anyone that owns a cp33 live without one. Discover the best gun magazine loaders in best sellers. Speed loaders are a rather handy tool that we truly think everybody should own. While it is compatible with all 9mm pistols, it also works with 10mm. Drill a small hole in one or both ends and insert a cotter pin or one of those pins where one side goes through the hole and the other side with a hump goes around the outside like the ones used on primer pickup tubes. The sides of the speed loader are curved to quickly and accurately slide into the gun model listed. Carries a single revolver speedloader on the belt, securing with a snap. Their speed loaders function nearly identically to the hks loaders, but feature an aluminum body instead of plastic.

Will sure save my thumbs at my steel challenge and. Model fmk 9c1 gen 2 proudly american technical specifications. Super fast way to load your single and double stack mags. Up64b black up64p pink the babyuplula is a highquality pistol magazine loader and unloader designed for loading virtually all. With speed beez, it is easy to reload, and start shooting again. Can anyone provide some info on a magazine loader for the macs. Hksspeedloader, sixsecond 29m fur 16,95 euro im online shop fur magazine kaufen. I am going to be loading 100 rounds at a time of 9mm into 1911 magazines single stack. For proper function, there must be 8mm clearance between the feed lips. Our speed loader has 8 chambers and can hold up 28 rounds per chamber. I have a lot of magazines and have some more coming for range shooting.

If you like to shoot, work on guns as a business or hobby, or just own a gun, this is the place for you. Rugers lcr 9mm offers speedloaderfast, everyday carry protection the ruger lcr 9mm is compact, lightweight and, like all of the other lcr models in. Uplula hks mag loader 9mm to 45acp maglula uplula pistole holsternhalfter pistole holster speed magazine loader. Theyre not necessarily any faster than the hks speed loaders, but 5 star does make loaders for a wider variety of revolvers. Jetzt uplula speedloader gunstig online kaufen bei asmc schneller. A speedloader is a device used to reduce the time andor effort needed to reload a firearm. Universal speed mag loader 9mm to 45acp handgun pistol speed magazine loader. Especially when you consider the wider range of magazines it can be used with single and double stack. These speed loaders are cnc machined from solid billet aluminum. Any suggestions of brand, how well it may work and where to buy one would be helpful.

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